Commercial & Residential Surveyors in Brooklyn NY at the AAA Group

A precise survey closes the gap

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AAA Group is a real estate servicing company with many years of experience in serving your real estate and investment needs, starting with land surveying and computerized mapping. Using the latest surveying technologies, we deliver accurate and precise work for developers, investors, and homeowners.


From residential homes through commercial and industrial properties and hazardous waste sites of all kinds, we've done it all and have the skill and expertise needed to take care of your needs. 

You can trust our fully insured company

- Outstanding customer service

- Experienced professionals

- Fully insured

- We own our own equipment

- Competitive pricing

You won't have to pay a fortune for quality service

You'll always get competitive pricing when you decide to work with our company. We will always give you outstanding customer service and work, while keeping our costs affordable. Call our fully insured team today!

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